I recently completed a year-long thesis project exploring design for toxic landscapes. The body of work includes research and writing, design proposals, and a series of exploratory artworks. The Superfund Sites that were analyzed include the Amco Chemical Site (Oakland, CA), the Carson River Mercury Site (Carson City, NV), the Lawrence Livermore National Lab Site (Livermore, CA), the Fresno Sanitary Landfill (Fresno, CA), and the United Heckathorn Site (Richmond, CA). To access the entirety of this work, see here. Project Description:

This project leverages design as a medium for antagonizing current cultural acceptance, political policy, and conventional remedies of toxic sites. Existing Superfund sites are the subject of a series of narrative fictions. Each story in the series culminates in an architectural proposal thematizing the concepts of quarantine, exposure of the hidden, and social provocation through design.The fictions are simultaneously historic and futuristic, engaging existing archival data sets as a tool for informing spatial futures.