A snippet from one of the many kind newspapers that covered our journey along the route. 

I found this little throwback while cleaning out my portable hard drive today. I had to reflect on what an incredibly formative experience this was - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Turning over some of the many adventuresome stories that were spun (along with our wheels!) over the course of that journey inspired me to dig out my old journal from yesteryear. Here's a little sentiment that I thumbed to that made me laugh: 

September 21, 2006 | Ensenada to San Vicente, Baja California Norte

"Broken legs. My sweat mixes into the sunblock on my forehead and drips into my eyes, then it stings me up the mountain. Stability must be achieved in a limited space: semis screaming by on the left, a jagged shoulder cliff punctuated by a smattering of white crosses and rusted out car shells down on the right. Pulling 3 mph up a steep grade with the inescapable stingsweat. 

San Vicente is a nonstop fiesta. A single main drag with edges that erode into dusty banks slices through this town. It's as if someone unrolled an unkempt, oil-spotted, littered beach along both sides. When a car pulls off of the 1 and into the dust everything is lost in a choking haze. People cover their mouths with bandannas but grit clogs the eyes. At the end of the day I have socklines from caking dust. The bustle along the street is taco stands, mercados, vendors, couples strolling hand in hand, babies wailing. The men whistle at us nonstop, ask us where our boyfriends are, beg for our company. My only fear is that of the impending knowledge that soon I must climb into the dentist's chair. Toothrot. Fiesta."

Hahhaah I remember when I finally got that cavity filled it only cost me ninety bucks. :)